Nest Smart Thermostat

Have you ever seen that movie made by Disney in 1999 that was called ‘Smart House’? It’s about a house that is controlled by a computer and literally is able to control anything/everything inside, thus making it a ‘Smart House’. Wouldn’t you love it if the houses we lived in today were a little bit more futuristic as well as a bit smarter? Well, we here at That Sweet Gift love techie items and have come across one particular thing that we think you will absolutely love! We now want to show you the Nest Smart Thermostat!

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Detailed information about Nest Smart Thermostat

So, you may be wondering, just what exactly is the Nest Smart Thermostat and what makes it so smart? Well, one of the many things that make this thermostat so smart is the ability to actually learn and develop new abilities. When you leave your house, the Nest will automatically know and shut itself off. When you return, the Nest will then automatically turn right back on. By being able to do this, the Nest will actually learn from you and program itself to suit your needs! Now you no longer need to program it! If that wasn't enough if you so desire to have your thermostat on just before you get home, say if you are a block away, simply utilize the Nest app and turn it on from your home! If you have an Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, or any other Amazon product that has Alexa, you can actually hook Alexa up straight to your Nest! With Alexa hooked up, you can now use voice recognition to use your Nest. If your house is too hot, simply talk to it and tell it to cool down. Too cold? Tell it to heat up! Besides being smart, the Nest was also awarded the Energy Star for its energy efficiency and energy saving capabilities. In fact, the Nest was the first thermostat to have ever achieved such an award. The last really neat feature the Nest has is you can actually track and monitor your energy usage to see how much energy you have used, as well as why you used that much.