Lego Disney Princess Moana Ocean Voyage Set

It’s that time of year again, the day that happens only once a year – your child’s birthday. Instead of frantically searching and scouring the internet to find the ‘latest’ and ‘hottest’ toys only to find out that the toy you want to get them is now sold out, let us do the searching for you, or well at least let us show you our findings!

If your child is a girl, they like to build with Legosand their favorite Disney Princess is Moana, then we here at That Sweet Gift have the perfect gift idea for you! We now present to you the Lego Moana Ocean Voyage Set!

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Detailed information about Lego Disney Princess Moana Ocean Voyage Set

This Lego Moana Ocean Voyage set has some great features. In total, there are 307 pieces your child needs to put together. The set includes a small figure of Moana, a Maui larger figure, a rooster, and lastly 2 Kakamora.

The accessories included with the set are a pineapple, map, oar, and a Te fiti heart. Kids will build Moana’s voyaging canoe that has a sail as well as an opening deck, and also, they will be able to build Te Fiti island that has a transformation function. Another thing that is included is a catapult for the kakamora. This set takes the scene right out of the movie.

In total, once built, Moana’s Boat will measure over 6’’ high, 5’’ long, and 5’’ wide. The Island, once built, will measure over 4’’ high, 6’’ long, and finally 1’’ deep. The whole box will weigh about 1 pound.

Kids will be able to play with Moana and Maui and put them right in the middle of one of the most remembered scenes from the film. They can create their own adventures, or tell the story in a new way!