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Amazon Echo Show

Amazon is the place where you can find everything from a-z, quite literally. It is a multi-billion dollar company running under the mentorship of Jeff Bezos. From being one of the World’s most-shopped site that offers many services such as Amazon Prime, to now even making some products of their own, you could definitely say they have it all. Speaking of new products, Amazon is starting to become a company that doesn’t just sell groceries and tech from other companies. Amazon has come out with many interesting new gadgets, from the Amazon Alexa to the Dot, and from the Echo to even the Look. Lately, they came out with a new product which is why we’d like to present to you the Amazon Echo Show.

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Detailed information about Amazon Echo Show

If you have ever heard of Amazon’s products called the Echo, Tap, Dash, Fire Stick, chances are you have either used or have heard of Amazon Alexa. If not, Amazon Alexa is the really smart AI that Amazon has created to place inside of their really smart tech. Alexa’s newest residence is in the new Amazon Show. The Amazon Show is basically an upgraded version of the Dot and Echo. What makes the Show so special is that it ‘shows’ things. Now just what exactly does it show? Well, the Show can do literally everything the Dot and Echo can do which is tell you your calendar, make a phone call, call an Uber, order food, and more but actually ‘show’ you what you need. For example, say a person had come to your door and there is a camera installed on your porch. Just simply say, “Alexa, Show me the front porch.” She will then simply show you exactly what you want. Or you can say things like, “Alexa, show me my calendar.” There are many other things that the Show can do, but you just have to figure them out!