Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

If you look back just within the last decade, you can clearly see that technology just keeps increasing and getting better and better. With that said, many people nowadays are adding tech items in their homes to make it a “smart home.” There are many, many products out there that would make your home even better.

One of those things would be a completely smart security system to keep your house safe. With many security systems out there, you may be wondering just which one to buy.

Fear not, we here at That Sweet Gift know of a really great one which is why we want to show you the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera!

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Detailed information about Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

From the outside, the Nest Cam looks just like any ordinary security camera, but on the inside, it is so much more than that.

The Nest Cam can do all sorts of different things. Day and night, the Nest can record, snap pictures and display video in 1080p HD by using a 130 degree wide-angle all glass lens. The camera is also completely waterproof so no need to worry about leaving it outside in the rain.

With the Nest Cam, setting it up is really simple as no expert is needed. Simply, plug it in outside, mount, and then presto, you are all done! To take it a bit further, you can control the camera straight from your phone, but it is not required!