Mud Pie Beer Cap Display Box

For the great beer lovers in your life, this beer cap display box from Mud Pie will certainly be something nice to keep in their collection; a fun keepsake. This will be a welcomed gift coming from you, and they will feel proud that someone has recognized their immense love for beer and the need to memorize the moments.

Beer lovers are adventurous people who either have a favorite beer or love have fun trying out different types of beer brews. Generally, they love having fun and their idea of a good moment is relaxing with a refreshing bottle of cold beer watching a football match or chilling with friends with lots of laughter. All things beers will be a welcome gift and this beer cap display box will not be an exception.

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Detailed information about Mud Pie Beer Cap Display Box

The box is beautifully and meticulously constructed from hardwood with precision cuts. The edges are well cut, and each part fits perfectly and seamless to make a fine masterpiece. The box is then fitted with glass which completes the display and gives it an elegant, stylish look. The combination of wood gives the box an elegant, stylish look.

It would look amazingly gorgeous as a décor item in any space and seamless match with the existing décor and even enhance it. It features a well-cut easy drop -slot which is just the right size enough to fit a bottle cap. Once the caps are dropped inside, the wooden glass box will showcase the cap collection in a beautiful display.


The box is made of hardwood and glass which makes it awesome

It beautifully showcases beer cap collection

It will look good as a décor item


It doesn’t come with hanging hardware