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Mophie – Wireless Charge Pad – Apple Optimized

Charging a mobile device can be such a nuisance sometimes. Connecting the charging lead onto the device can be fiddly especially if the owner has problems gripping or seeing small items.

If you prefer to keep your device on charge all the time but make and receive calls as and when you need to, it can be difficult to cope with a cable already connected, especially if you like to pace around while taking a call.

What you really need to charge your modern Apple device is this clever piece of wireless charging technology. This Wireless Charge Pad from Mophie is optimized for modern Apple products such as the iPhone X, Xs Max, X, Xs, 8 and 8 Plus.

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Detailed information about Mophie – Wireless Charge Pad – Apple Optimized

It can charge an iPhone 50% faster than a regular charging method with up to a 7.5 Watt fast charge. All that is needed for your device to be charged up is to place the iPhone on the wireless charging base.

The device will communicate with the base unit and specify the maximum safe charging capacity. The charging will immediately begin and continue until charging is completed.

A LED will then illuminate to tell the user that charging has finished and the device will cease to accept any more charge.


Wireless Charging Technology for Qi-compatible devices

Compatible with all modern iPhones

Has a non-slip rubberized surface to hold the device safely while charging