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Moody Swirl Glass Bowl

When it comes to quirky and unusual gifts, your friends and family have you to thank. With you, store-bought creations and mass-produced items are best avoided.

Instead, you opt for a one of a kind, creative and useful gift that will be the talk of the town for ages. This year is no exception.

With special occasions springing up left and right around you, you have your hands full and your head spinning when it is time to decide a present for anyone in your family who is celebrating something.

Well, we are here to help ease your mind and present you with an item unique enough that your recipient will totally not expect it and common enough at the same time that they can use it in their everyday lives.

We are talking about this awesome Moody Swirl Glass bowl by Imax, a cool wedding decorative bowl that will surely be the centerpiece in the next family dinner.

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Detailed information about Moody Swirl Glass Bowl

The beautiful wedding decoration is also food safe, so you can use it to serve whatever it is you would like to put in there or place it on your table to house fruits like apples, bananas, peaches or even sweets like chocolates, candies and other snacks that will be easy to grab.

Not only can you put food in it, but you can also put home décor items such as flowers (fake or real), rattan balls, candles, potpourri or anything that will fit and look good with it.


Unique serving bowl

Artisan made