Charmin Dash Button

Just imagine having all of your everyday purchases being available without having to leave the home? It would certainly be nice to press a button and make the needed item appear at the front door, right? Well, now that can become reality with the Charmin Dash Button. The dash buttons are the newest addition to technology and are really practical for the home. These are amazing wifi connected products that when pressed – they order an item of personal choice from any brand! In this case – Charmin.

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Detailed information about Charmin Dash Button

All this device requires is to be connected to a wifi router and to the Amazon app or an iPhone or Android device. On the app, it can be selected which product the device is set to order. It can order toilet paper, paper towels or any other Charmin product on cue to re-order in any given moment. Once the dash is pressed - an order for the pre-selected product of your choice will be ordered from Amazon. It will also provide you with an access to Amazon's amazingly low prices!