Merazi Living – Wooden Salt and Pepper Grinder Set in Acacia Wood

Tableware makes a great gift inspiration. It’s a gift practice that will never run out of style.

These are items that will always find a place in the dining table for everyday use.

Whether you are attending a wedding, a housewarming event or searching for a “safe” gift item for your host or hostess, an elegant dinnerware set that best fits the recipient’s lifestyle will be received with open arms.

In that case, we might have found the perfect wedding gift for the next wedding you are invited to or for the latest homeowner in your life.

This wooden salt and pepper grinder set by Merazi Living is absolutely stylish and elegant.

It will always have a favorite spot at the dining table for every family function, dinner, or party.

It is unique and absolutely stunning so much it might just find a permanent place at the dining table.

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Detailed information about Merazi Living – Wooden Salt and Pepper Grinder Set in Acacia Wood

These wooden, wedding grinders measure approximately 8.5". They are completely easy to fill and will always provide ample fresh seasoning with just a little effort.

You only to unscrew the silver top on the grinder and remove the wooden top.

You can then fill the grinder with salt crystals, or peppercorns, and once you are done, replace the top and screw it in place.

Cleaning the grinders is an easy task. The seller recommends using a small brush, and if you don't have a brush, an old toothbrush will do a perfect job.

The brush will clean the internal walls and remove any residue stuck on the grinder.


A beautiful set of grinders that will influence the aesthetics of a dinner tabletop

Made from wooden acacia material

They are durable and water-resistant

Easy to use