COLE & MASON Oldbury Wood Salt and Pepper Grinder

Everyone knows someone who loves to cook and who loves to present their food for others to enjoy. This gift is something especially for them. It is an “Oldbury Wood Salt and Pepper Grinder Set” presented in a gift box from Cole and Mason. This is a precision gourmet mechanism that looks good, stylish and chic and is useful at the same time. Nothing tastes quite like freshly ground pepper and sea salt and these are the mechanisms that will provide it.

The pepper grinder is made from precision-made carbon steel while the salt grinder uses diamond sharpened ceramic. Both mechanisms are easy to turn and provide a satisfying sprinkling of salt and pepper to flavor the food.


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Detailed information about COLE & MASON Oldbury Wood Salt and Pepper Grinder

The grinders are easily refilled. All that is needed is to remove the top and fill with the condiment into the appropriate grinder. By twisting the base it is possible to select six pre- set grind sizes for pepper and three grind sizes for salt. They are about 8” tall with smooth and warm wood design, and with a good balance and weight.


These are two very stylish and chic condiment grinders

The grinding mechanisms are specially designed for use with sea salt and peppercorns

The grinders have six coarseness grinding settings for pepper and three setting for salt

These will last for many years, continuing to give satisfactory performance.; if they don’t work properly then don’t worry because they come with a lifetime guarantee