BZY1 14oz Glass Tea Cup with a Lid & Strainer

It has become really hard to find a cup that can be used safely. Most of the new cups are uncomfortable, break easily or the innovators tried so hard to be creative that they came up with real impractical solutions for a cup. Unlike other products, this cat teacup possesses all the quality of an old-school teacup combined with the design of modern cups. It is made from a resistant borosilicate glass which is thick and it is heatproof for the user’s safety. It can withstand temperatures up to 150°C. The cup comes with a lid made from BPA-free, non-toxic material which produces a chemical odor-free experience when the cup is used.

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Detailed information about BZY1 14oz Glass Tea Cup with a Lid & Strainer

The glass teacup is made of three pieces, the glass cup body, a high-quality plastic lid and a removable stainless steel strainer. The cup is large enough to contain any acceptable quantity of water or tea poured into it. This means that someone favorite tea can be served at a bigger volume at once, without necessarily needing to refill it constantly. Another key feature of this cup is closely related to the strainer. The strainer converts easily into a teacup. This will also effectively filter the leaves out of the tea.