Stranger Things: The Game Puzzle Fully Reviewed

This Stranger Things game puzzle by BonusXP, Inc. is spot on. It might seem like forever since the last season of the show was last aired, but for a Stranger Things fan, this game will certainly make the wait bearable. It’s absolutely interesting. We are confident that the lucky recipient of this captivating gift will spend hours on it when they receive it.

This game is engaging; it’s retro and absolutely fun. Believe us, the minute you start playing it; you will definitely lose yourself in it. It brings 1984 to you all over again and the action is well replayed through the puzzle, the mystery, the horror, and the humor.

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Detailed information about Stranger Things: The Game Puzzle Fully Reviewed

It gives you the opportunity to move and explore the town of Hawkins and its surroundings. As the player, you will move around the town, search and find the people, the hard-to-find treasures, unlock characters, find other necessary items and solve the puzzles.

It’s very similar to the show, but its unique in its own way. You will feel like a hero when you beat the bad cops with lots of shooting and punching. Once you complete the puzzle and defeat several characters, you will find yourself working through this intriguing game and discover more people to battle and play who come with their own powers.

You will also uncover other worlds that you've probably never seen before, but they still complement the show. You get to see your favorite locations in the woods like Mirkwood Forest and even explore Hawkins Lab among others.


Well designed with a 1980’s theme

Fun and captivating game based on Stranger Things show