Macaron Small Bluetooth Speaker with Waterproof IPX4

When it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers, there are many options out there for one to choose from. But none suits a teen boy or girl or even kids like the Macaron small Bluetooth speaker. It’s small, it’s fun, cheerful and full of energy, just what a young girl or boy needs to brighten up their mood and fill their space with loud, crisp music.

One of the best thing that has happened to the current young generation is the evolving technology that has provided functional and versatile devices and gadgets. And this Bluetooth speaker is a product of advanced technology and comes at unbelievably affordable price. It features a small compact size, but once it’s switched on, this tiny device will surprise you with excellent performance, loud, clear and quality sound.

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Detailed information about Macaron Small Bluetooth Speaker with Waterproof IPX4

There is no reason not to enjoy music while on the move when one has this Bluetooth speaker that is useful as a powerful sound box.

It features a simple design and has only one button which turns it on/off. This makes it pretty easy to use.

A long press will turn it on or off while double-clicking the button will disconnect the present device and also enable other Bluetooth enabled devices to connect with the device. It's quite easy for anyone to use even when on the move.


A small compact, lightweight, portable Bluetooth speaker

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use

Available in different vibrant colors

Easy to use

Non-slip and water resistant