What Do You Meme? Basic Bitch Expansion Pack

Everybody uses memes nowadays. Memes are something that had taken over the cyberculture and are basically everywhere! A person can find them on message boards, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and people post them for any reason and any situation. Most of them are hilarious and can be a lot of fun to create one. Looking for a great gift for a friend who is into memes? This expansion pack for the ‘What do you meme’ game is the best gift a person can get! It makes a great gift for any occasion because it is funny and thoughtful. 

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Detailed information about What Do You Meme? Basic Bitch Expansion Pack

This 'Basic Bitch' expansion pack can be a great holiday or birthday gift. It will connect people and make them closer for sure. It is an ideal choice when choosing a gift for close friends. Everyone will surely have fun while playing this one. The game is perfect for when more than two people are getting together, it can also be played at a bachelorette party.