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Mega Construx Pokemon Gyarados Fully Reviewed

If you have a young one aged 8 years and up, nothing would please them than the Pokemon Gyarados from Mega Construx for a gift. This will be the ultimate gift, and you should be ready with a camera to capture their overjoyed faces filled with pleasant smiles when they unwrap the box.

It takes a mighty trainer and a true one at that like Gyarados to battle the fiercely intimidating, tempered Pokémon.  What a might way to raise Gyarados from the depths and they get to do it with this buildable Pokémon. This set comes with everything one would need to build Gyarados, and it will be such a fun activity for a Pokémon fan to assemble the pieces.

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It will be such a satisfying feeling when they finally get to build their very own mighty Gyarados and eventually assemble the 9-inch Pokémon. And everything will be well articulated with a complete body, fangs, fins, and spikes. They even get to pose Gyarados perfectly in its water-like scene together with the mini Ultra ball! It will be the ultimate feeling when Gyarados finally rises from the depths. All these will be possible with this powerful Pokémon.

The box comes with 352 pieces. What they get is a buildable Gyarados, a 9-inch fully articulated body that has the best pose and a great display. They will also get buildable water environment for Gyarados which will also act the display stand and mini ultra-ball accessory.


The set comes with everything to build Gyarados

It’s a fan Pokémon game for kids

The box comes with an instruction booklet


Several sets come with some missing parts