Marshall Mini Stack Series MS-2R

A little music is medicine to the soul they say, but how true is this. This phrase could be true or false to most people, but music has a significant impact on lives. For someone that loves playing the guitar, it would make sense to get them a gift that relates to the hobby and possibly make the experience worthwhile.

How about getting a guitar lover this amplifier to enhance their output? It is small in size and will allow them to carry it for trips and excursions and keep up with the hobby. It can be a lovely gift idea for a birthday or any other occasion.

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Detailed information about Marshall Mini Stack Series MS-2R

The micro amplifier comes with multiple functions and an easy-to-operate control function. It has a volume setting where one can adjust and keep the right pitch. Also, it has different tone settings for the user to pick the right one. More to this, the amplifier comes with a headphone jack so one can listen better and clearer by themselves.

The amplifier is portable so the user can carry it around away from home. To add on this, it comes with a fastener in the back which one can use to strap it on the waist or the belt. Also, the amplifier has a battery backup option to keep connected when out of power access. This makes it suitable for someone that plays the guitar on the streets.