Malden International Designs – Our Honeymoon Picture Frame

Love is in the air, and this time your best friend or a loved one is getting hitched, and you can’t wait to see the two lovebirds exchange their nuptials.

But as you prepare to attend this special gathering, you also have to shop for a perfect wedding or honeymoon gift to commemorate the coming together of the two people in love.

We believe a perfect wedding or honeymoon gift is the one that will incorporate tidbits of the couple’s life. And that’s why our gift suggestion for you is this white Honeymoon picture frame by Malden International Designs.

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Detailed information about Malden International Designs – Our Honeymoon Picture Frame

A picture tells a story and preserves a cherished memory. Two people who are about to start their lives together need to have a favorite photo of their honeymoon to always remind them of the day they tied the knot.

The wedding celebrations are usually full of fun and basically, involve everyone including friends and loved ones. But the honeymoon is all about the couple.

It's one of the most memorable time in their lives, and even though they will go for plenty of other vacations together, none will come close to their honeymoon.

This frame captioned "Our Honeymoon" will become the most treasured gift. It will carry heir favorite honeymoon photo and tell their story for a lifetime.


A ceramic frame with an elegant design

Excellent gift for wedding and honeymoon

Preserves the honeymoon memories for a lifetime