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Makey Makey – An Invention Kit for Everyone

As kids grow up, they develop skills that they learn from the environment around them. As much as they get most of the knowledge from school, it is not enough for them to get creative at the same time. At this point, you can introduce a fun way of learning in their system where they can adopt some skills more interestingly. And not just for kids but everyone that loves learning new things. That is why you should get this Makey Makey invention kit for your folks and learn together.

This kit works by plugging objects to it and creating a keyboard of your own. Think of using bananas. You only need to attach the ends to the Makey Makey and just like that you can use the bananas as your new keyboard keys. It acts like this by conducting electricity and using anything that is wet can work as fine.

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If you want to play the piano on your computer, you can start by loading up the page. Then instead of using the keys to play the piano, attach any objects and use them as your keys. You can use items such as graphite pencils, fruits, coins, ketchup, aluminum or anything that can conduct some electricity. You can use Makey Makey to dance, play games or take photos of your pet as long as you have the connection right.