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Llama Stemless Wine Glass Set

These Llama inspired wine glasses will bring just the right amount of fun to the party and will make a perfect gift for animal lovers and wine lovers alike.

These would also make a great gift for the new people who just moved in next door, newlyweds, or a gift exchange at the office, these lovely llamas will certainly make a thoughtful and whimsical wedding gift.

Here we have adorable llamas being totally chill on the front of a wine glass, (a very large wine glass to boot!), what’s not to love about that?

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Detailed information about Llama Stemless Wine Glass Set

One of the adorable llama buddies is holding onto a prickly cactus and saying “No Problama” and the other llama is looking sincerely serene and saying “Llamaste” or in Spanish “you called”.

This set is a perfect little present for a best friend, a coworker, a wine connoisseur, a pet person and of course, a llama lover.

Each of these sweet stemless wine glasses holds 22 ounces of a favorite vintage, soda, water, iced tea, or any beverage of choice. These are made of sparkling medium weight glass that is free of lead and PBA.

The detailed images of happy llamas on the front of these vessels are durable and will not chip, peel or fade over time. It is recommended, however, to handwash these cuties just to ensure keeping them around for the long haul.


Each glass holds an impressive 22 ounces

These glasses are free of lead and BPA (bisphenol A)

Lightweight and highly durable

The pictures won’t chip, peel or fade over time