Going Off The Grid: The How-To Book Of Simple Living And Happiness

It’s not a secret that the modern lifestyle entails hectic schedule that can end up draining all the energy out of you and leave you feeling empty. Building a career, nurturing a family and trying to make a better tomorrow in the fast-paced city can make you forget yourself and the simple things in life that make it meaningful. People will ask you how work is? How is your family? Did you finish school? Did you finally buy a home? But will hardly ask you, are you happy?

If you are feeling overworked, overcrowded and you simply crave and yearn to have a peaceful and relaxed mind that only the gift of nature can provide, then this book by Gary Collins titled Going Off The Grid is a must read. If you know someone who simply wants to get an escape out of the hectic city life, then why don’t you get a copy and give it to them as a birthday, or Christmas gift and let sink in the great information that is in this book.

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Detailed information about Going Off The Grid: The How-To Book Of Simple Living And Happiness

This is a well-written book with valuable information on simple living and happiness. Even if you are not in a position to go off the grid, you will still find useful information that can help you plan your home. The book is absolutely credible and its written with logic and "how to" which will enable you to achieve your goal of living off the grid.

The author, Gary, includes chapters that focus on “How to” and makes it easy for anyone who wants to go off the grid even if they do not have a military background. He does this through a warm writing style that appeals to the reader thus making the book easy and fun to read.


A well-written book that is fun to read and to entertain

A great book that lets one reevaluate their lifestyle and a need for change

Available in Kindle and paperback format