Zipper Bookmark

What better present to get a book lover than a bookmark? It’s practical and something you know they’ll always use. But don’t just get some traditional, every-day bookmark.

Now them with something really unique, like the Zipper Bookmark. They have a long flat shape that sticks in between the pages to keep a place in a book.

The top is designed to look like a zipper and sits across the top of the book. Perfect gift for any book lover!

This makes it look as if the book can be closed and opened with a zipper. It also comes in a variety of colors, such as blue, green and yellow for even more fun and interesting look.

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Detailed information about Zipper Bookmark

The bookmark is thin enough so that the book can be closed completely. It’s lightweight which is convenient for those that carry books around for short and long distances.

But it’s also sturdy enough to keep its place inside the book without damaging the pages or falling out.

The bookmark is of moderate dimensions and can be used for any sized book.

Many readers struggle to find good bookmarks and generally end up using some thin paper they find lying around their house, even gum wrappers!

And even when they do end up getting a bookmark, it’s often made of some flimsy paper that gets crushed and torn after several uses.

It’s a hassle to find a good bookmark that does its job and looks good at the same time.


Comes in few colors

Elastic and safe to use