LED Clip on Music Stand Booklight & Bookmark

You might have bought lots of book gifts for the book lover in your life, but none comes to this LED book light ideal for reading at night. This book light is certainly one of the best in the market and the most useful thing for a bookworm to have. Its lightweight and well designed to make the best out of a reading experience.

One thing that avid book readers crave for is comfortable and a peaceful environment. This product is designed to ensure that the reader gets the best reading experience while in bed, traveling, on vacation, etc. It is meant to make reading fun without straining the eyes or losing a page.

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Detailed information about LED Clip on Music Stand Booklight & Bookmark

This book light clips onto a book to gain stability and distributes light enough lighting evenly to ensure maximum enjoyment. This way, the reader doesn't strain their eyes while doing what they love most, reading. But most importantly, they won't disturb other people within their vicinity.

To add to the lighting aspect, this book light also doubles up as a bookmark. The reader will never have to lose a page or start looking for a bookmarker once they are done with their reading sessions.

After reading, they only need to slide the book light in. Whether it's a paperback, hardcover, or whichever size of a book, this book light will effectively reserve the page till the next session.


The light night is perfect for reading at night

It’s ready and easy to use

Doubles up as a bookmark

Flexible and adjustable


Comes with 2 extra batteries