KOVOT Oversize Games – Dominos

Are you looking for a family gift that will engage the whole family? Friday evenings will never be dull with this set of Kovot oversize games. It will be a hit at your next get-together, picnic, Christmas family dinner, or barbecue. The gift itself will without a doubt give everyone a laugh and set the mood for a great evening.

The games would be excellent for white elephant gift exchange party, so carry the set, and you can be sure that everyone at the party will have a good laugh. They are perfect for group games, so why not let your family have the fun of their lifetime while roasting s’mores and marshmallows at the backyard or barbecue party?

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Detailed information about KOVOT Oversize Games – Dominos

The set consists of 28 large wood pieces domino tiles and an accompanying carry bag. The cards are made of great quality and true to the description, they are oversized. The size makes it hard to shuffle them, and that’s how you have fun with the game.

Once you figure out how to shuffle these massive cards, then that’s where the fun begins. But before that, you and your friends or loved ones will be laughing at each other as you try to play all sorts of games and learn how to shuffle.

The tiles feel like real cards. They are made from hand-sanded wood and are have a fine black paint finish. Each measure approximately 7" X 3 ½" X ½" They are sturdy and have a firm hold. These cards have no rough edges, and they are easy on hands.


Fun games for everyone

Quality oversized sizes that feel like real cards

Comes packaged in a convenient carry bag