IT The ‘Movie Aren’t You Gonna Say Hello?’ T-Shirt

Fostering a massive cult following since its inception, the horror genre has generated many movies that became classics (or cult classics) and have stood the test of time, if not revived again and again.

One of these beloved horror classics is the Stephen King novel ‘It’, which is about a group of childhood friends in their adulthood being terrorized by a killer clown.

And because of this, kids of this generation have become new fans. If this sounds like one of the youngins in your life, then we really think that they will love this It shirt featuring Pennywise the Clown, with his famous tagline “aren’t you gonna say hello?” imprinted on the front of a black shirt in high quality, with the stark contrast providing a better view of the design.

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Aside from the universal love for food, we think we can all agree that movies are a close second. It is a way for us to wind down, enjoy with the family or a way to get rid of the first date jitters since you are just basically quiet for an hour, giving you enough time to think about what to say after the movie ends.

And just like with food, we have a ton of different genres to choose from, depending on what we like. On some days, we may want to watch something lighthearted like a comedy, romance or a mix of both; some days we want to get our adrenaline pumping and watch action movies; but if there is a genre that has a lot of diehard fans, it would be the horror genre.


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