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Horrorstor: A Novel by Grady Hendrix

The novel Horrostor is a short horror book by Grady Hendrix full of humor, horror, exciting twists and intrigues. The book carries an element of strong humor which will have a reader chuckling at the edge of their seats. It is certainly the right book to get for a book lover in your in your life. Grady Hendrix is a talented author and quite creative. He has intriguingly gone out of his way with this book to make it enjoyable to the reader.

Its great fiction and an original piece that is bound to interest any book lover with its original storyline. The basic concept of this book is meant to draw in the reader from the very first page and creatively keep them reading to very last of it.

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Detailed information about Horrorstor: A Novel by Grady Hendrix

Horrorstor features a traditional haunted house set in a contemporary setting where some strange happenings take place at the Orsk furniture store located in Cleveland, Ohio. But what will keep the reader reading this short novel is the storyline which is quite hilarious. In the store, employees come every morning only to find some strange things such as broken bookshelves, smashed wardrobes, or shattered goblets.

But, a look at the security cameras reveals nothing! Intriguing, isn't? Anyway, to get to the root of the mysterious happenings, a group of employee’s volunteers to work an overnight shift which now brings about an interesting concept of this book, full of horror and humor.

The author takes the reader through the night as the employees take vigil and patrol the entire showroom. They try hard to find the source of the strange sounds and sights. The author cunningly keeps the reader on edge with suspense as the employees encounter horrors and strange stuff that go beyond simple imagination.


The storyline is hilarious

Horror and humor all in one book

Comes with illustrations