Inspirational Hand Stamped Cuff Metal Leather Bracelet

That time before your kid becomes a teenager is a crucial time to help build their confidence and self-esteem. With the media dictating what and how a woman should be and bombarding all areas with unrealistic expectations in regards to career choices, body goals and everything in between, it is no wonder a lot of teenage girls feel like they are not doing enough.

As an adult, it is our job to teach and empower the girls in our life that they can do anything if they believe in themselves. And that is why we are head over heels in love with this inspirational metal leather bracelet from O.Riya.

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Detailed information about Inspirational Hand Stamped Cuff Metal Leather Bracelet

The bracelet has a black leather lace that is attached to the metal cuff. Simply pull the knot to insert your wrist and pull again to close it. The strategic tie of the leather lace makes it fit most wrists because it is easily adjustable. There are also 3 designs to choose from, you can get an all silver bracelet, a black one and another black bracelet with a simpler design.

Whatever you pick, you will always have the empowering message imprinted on the cuff so the tween in your life will always remember that she need not fret when she feels hopeless and wants to give up.


Fits most wrists so you do not have to worry about sizing

High quality and durable

Empowering message tweens and young girls need to hear and would absolutely appreciate