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6 Infusions Gift Set for Flavoring your Gin & Tonic

Do you have a gin lover in your gift list for this Christmas? Or a tea lover perhaps? If you do, then count yourself lucky (and them too) because you just landed yourself the best gift to this bunch from Te Tonic Experience. The 6 set of flavored infusions for Gin and Tonic cocktails that comes as a Christmas promotion will certainly be the best gift to a loved one, a friend, colleague or even your boss.

Gin and Tonic cocktails have never tasted this good with just a little addition of a tea bag. The infused flavors are the best little inventions to ever happen to a Gin lover and tea lovers too! It’s an everyday occurrence where one gets to have a taste of gin and have a dose of tea all in one awesome concoction. That’s what this infusion set does to your cocktail mix, and the best thing is the flavor comes out really good, and it can be addictive in a good way.

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Detailed information about 6 Infusions Gift Set for Flavoring your Gin & Tonic

Every experience will be different with each of these 6 infusions. The tea tonic blend adds a notable aroma and flavor but doesn't alter the authentic taste of gin and tonic cocktail.

The flavorings are easy quick and easy to make. You only need to dip the tea bags in your gin and tonic cocktail and let it infuse for a great aroma and flavor. What more, the infusions are bagged which saves the user from lots of residues.


The infusions are made from organic herbs, flowers, and spices 100%

The product contains no additives, preservatives or artificial colors

Easy and quick to make

They add a great aroma and flavor to gin and tonic cocktail