Cute Funny I Pooped Today Custom Mesh Hat

Kids love gifts that they can have fun with when using them and items they can laugh about with their friends. As much as you would want to get them educational stuff, a little fun is worth it.

Think of getting engraved outfits with funny messages and tickle them to laughter. One of those is this hat with an unusual ‘I pooped today’ tag. It can be an excellent gift for both boys and girls, and they would enjoy wearing it all through.

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Detailed information about Cute Funny I Pooped Today Custom Mesh Hat

The hat is made of 35 % cotton and 65% nylon. The combination makes it easy to maintain and feels light to wear for kids. Also, it can work well to shield them from the sun and keep them cool as they play. The hat has a 9 cm height and a brim measuring 6 cm wide. That is an ideal size for middle age kids regardless of the gender.