Amazon Echo

If you know a techie, an avid cook, an audiophile, a news junkie, a pizza fan, or a regular internet researcher, you just found the perfect gift for them. The Amazon Echo is a remarkable speaker specifically engineered to work with the Alexa Voice Service, an artificial intelligence built by Amazon. Amazon is one of the major leaders in the artificial intelligence industry, and Alexa is proof of that. With voice-only access to all that Alexa has to offer, your gift recipient may never need to use their hands again. With a simple, audible request your gift recipient can ask Alexa to just about anything, including making a phone call, look up a recipe, play a song, report on the weather, order a pizza, or tell them who won the 1979 World Series.

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Detailed information about Amazon Echo

The Echo speaker offers seven different microphones, triangulating the voices in the room so that it can understand whoever is speaking even if they are across the room and music is playing. The speaker itself is a sleek, columnar design offered in both black and white. It looks great on a nightstand, side table, or bookshelf. Many people place theirs in the kitchen so Alexa is always on hand to convert measurements in cooking or read off a recipe as needed. With Alexa playing as your gift recipient’s assistant, their life will get easier. They can have Alexa set timers, check the to-do list, or find out how bad traffic on the commute is going to be. If your gift recipient has smart home devices, such as a connected thermostat or automated oven, Alexa can connect with these additional devices. This allows your gift recipient to control their entire home through just their voice.