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“Grandpa” Engraved Gift Pen with Presentation Gift Box

Everyone needs a classy pen to sigh off essential documents or even for daily use. While there are many of them in the market, the selection depends on personal preferences and the purpose. Ink pens are standard, but each boasts of its distinctive style. That differentiates many from the rest, and that’s where your taste comes to play.

Grandpa needs one as well full of style to complement his formal looks. In this case, why not get him an engraved one with the tag ‘grandpa’ on top. The pen will give him a sense of ownership while keeping up with his class. It can be a nice birthday gift, Fathers’ day gift or a token of appreciation.

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Detailed information about “Grandpa” Engraved Gift Pen with Presentation Gift Box

This pen, in a black and rose gold theme is the perfect match for grandpa's meeting and formal events. He can also keep it to write in his diary and carry it whenever he goes. The ballpoint tip comes with a twist mechanism to write. The feature makes the pen easy to open and close even when he is in a hurry to write something. The black ink is thick, and each line draws clear without skipping.

The pen may seem small as a gift and packaging it can be quite a hassle. Not to worry about that, it comes with a matching black case with a satin lining on the inside. It is easier for you to deliver the gift without much gift packaging. The engraved tag ‘Grandpa' marks that the pen only belongs to him.