Happy Kisses Pink Flamingo Necklace with “Stand Tall and Be Fabulous” Message Card

We must agree that pink creatures in the animal world are a rare sight and that’s why flamingos simply stand out. These wading birds are a sight to behold!

Their vibrant colors, graceful movements, elegant unique shape, and the way they entwine their necks in a caring and loving gesture are some of the characteristics that make them recognizable and most loved birds.

It’s no wonder that people love associating with these beautiful creatures. And now, flamingo gifts are all over the place, and they are cool!

Have someone in your love who could do with some flamingo love? These birds stand tall to show off their beauty, and we can’t think of a better way for a special lady to do it than with this pink flamingo necklace by Happy Kisses.

“STAND TALL AND BE FABULOUS” is the message that comes with this lovely necklace. That caption says it all. It lets everyone know that you have the beauty, balance, and the graceful flair of a quirky flamingo.

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Detailed information about Happy Kisses Pink Flamingo Necklace with “Stand Tall and Be Fabulous” Message Card

It sends out the message that a person wearing it is confident and flirtatious. She stands out boldly and gracefully. She is a beauty and not afraid to show it. Does this sound like someone you know?

This necklace is plated in 18k gold and features a detailed design which is bound to appeal to anyone including bird enthusiasts.

The chain measures approximately 18” and the pendant dimension come to about 1.57” x .88”. It will fit an adult and teen perfectly.

In addition, this lovely pink flamingo pendant is durable and safe to wear. It is free of harmful materials that react with the skin and its hypoallergenic -no allergic reaction expected.


A beautiful flamingo necklace

Quality guaranteed

Comes packed with a card bearing a lovely caption

A suitable gift item for many occasions