Groom & Bride MM Couple T-Shirts

If we ask you to name a famous duo that has captured the hearts of many or are infamous for their undying love and dedication, you would probably come up with couples like Bonnie and Clyde, Johnny Cash and June Carter, and Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.

But there is arguably no other couple more popular and iconic as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. This cute animated couple is universally loved by both adults and kids alike, with their entertaining escapades and adventures that will make you believe that love does last forever. Besides, the couple has been together for 91 years, which really shows that true love stands the test of time.

With that said, we believe that they are great role models for all people who are in relationships, especially those who just got married. To help them remember that, we think you should get them this cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse inspired Groom and Bride Couple T-shirts from Picontshirt.

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Detailed information about Groom & Bride MM Couple T-Shirts

This adorable tee set comes in 2 shirts that have ‘Bride’ printed on one with the Disney font and Minnie Mouse’s iconic ears and bow on top of the word, while the other shirt says ‘Groom’ in the same Disney font but has Mickey Mouse’s famous ears on top instead.

The t-shirts come in different sizes: for women, the sizes range from extra small to extra large, while the men’s size comes in small to 2XL sizes, so you do not have to worry about the shirt not fitting – besides, you and your future spouse probably prepared for “the day” and did some sort of diet to look and feel good on your special day together.


Comfortable and cute

Fun design inspired by Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Comes in a good range of sizes