Green Beauty Makeup: Is It As Good As Your Splurge Makeup?

People all around the world wear makeup for different reasons, whether you want to enhance your natural beauty or if you see a couple of flaws that you would like to temporarily hide away. The main problem is that with major beauty brands, you’re dealing with products that might either be tested on animals or that contains harsh and inorganic compounds that will wreak havoc on your skin. This leads many people to wonder, is there such a thing as green beauty makeup, and if so, does it perform just like splurge makeup?

There are plenty of reasons as to why more makeup aficionados are beginning to delve into the world of organic makeup, some of which might surprise you.

1. Eco Friendly vs. Environmentally Hazardous

By far, the largest difference between splurge makeup and green makeup is its impact on the environment. When it comes to disposing of old bottles or old solutions, it’s important to remember that anything left over will certainly end up in landfills and the more synthetic ingredients there are, the more dangerous it is for the environment.

With green makeup, you don’t have to worry about dangerous compounds such as petroleum-based formulas, aluminum, lead, etc. Instead, you can take advantage of naturally occurring items that are ethically harvested from the planet and once they are thrown out, they go straight back into the earth in a safe and considerate manner.

2. Soothing Ingredients vs. Harsh Chemicals

If you’re someone who has particularly sensitive skin, you’ve most likely experienced a breakout or rash as a result of new makeup, skincare, or body care that you’ve used in the past. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, it’s the fault of the harsh chemicals that you would typically find in some of the most popular formulas. There’s no reason as to why you should be dealing with allergic reactions or skin irritation as a result of a face primer or mascara, especially when you have a healthier alternative at your disposal.

green beauty

With green makeup, you’re not going to find any traces of parabens, phthalates, or any other ingredients that are terrible for your endocrine system. Instead, you’re going to have access to soothing ingredients that are designed to not only help you look better, but feel better as well.

3. Natural Fragrances vs. Artificial Scents

No one wants to lather on a foundation that smells like it just came out of a rubber factory, which is why more cosmetics companies are beginning to put artificial scents into their products. This isn’t anything new, as there are plenty of cosmetic companies that have been relying on artificial smells to mask the pungent odor of machined products for years. However, even though these artificial smells can seem glorious at first, if they’re not too overbearing, they are also dangerous for your system.

Natural fragrances, on the other hand, can be just as lovely but protect your body from harmful ailments ranging from birth defects to cancer. It’s important to remember that even though a popular makeup brand might smell absolutely divine, you’re lathering artificial chemicals onto your face and skin, allowing everything to soak into your pores. With green makeup, you have access to 100% natural and organic ingredients and delightful scents that are taken from influences around the world, such as essential oils.

4. Nutrient Rich Formulas vs. Drying and Irritating Formulas

Similar to how we discussed that regular makeup brands can be damaging to people with sensitive skin, did you know that green makeup could actually heal your skin instead of irritating it? One of the most fascinating parts of a green makeup brand is they have an endless array of ingredients to choose from, especially as they are found to naturally occur throughout the entire world. This means they can create formulas that are specifically designed to target certain issues, giving you the ability to cover your imperfections and treat them at the same time.

organic makeup

For example, if you purchase an organic foundation with a hint of lavender and mint, your skin is going to experience a soothing cleanliness that helps to pull imperfections out of your pores and reduce the appearance of puffiness and redness. This sounds far more interesting than relying on a foundation that will cake around your fine lines and cause excessive dry patches or oily patches on your skin.

5. Anti-Aging vs. Expedient Aging

In relation to the fact that traditional makeup can cause skin irritation, the more irritated and dry your skin is, the less nourished it is, and the easier it will be for fine lines and wrinkles to appear on your skin. This can be especially concerning for older makeup lovers that are trying to combat signs of aging rather than expediting the process. If there’s one thing everyone knows it’s that the perfect combination of moisture and collagen can help to prevent wrinkles from even a young age.

Green makeup is on the other side of the spectrum when it comes to aging, as its ingredients are designed to nourish and hydrate the skin, keeping its plumpness and its youthful glow. You’ll also find the ingredients used in organic makeup contain antioxidants which are essential for fighting off free radicals and promoting a healthy level of collagen throughout your entire body. Elasticity is key when it comes to preventing wrinkles and fine lines and when you’re looking for delicate makeup products that will take care of your skin, green makeup is the way to go.

6. Thinking About Cost

Using green makeup might seem like a great opportunity, however, it can be slightly more expensive than generic makeup brands that you would find in your local drug store. With that being said, if you’re the type of person who puts money into luxurious makeup products that are designed to last a long time, purchasing green makeup can be far more affordable.

Every once in a while it can be nice to splurge on a new foundation, setting powder, or even eye shadow palette, and instead of giving your money to giant beauty moguls who put artificial and harmful chemicals in their products, why not opt for green makeup instead?

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