Holy Grail Kaolin Best Clay Mask for Face

Skin care goes beyond washing the face and applying moisturizer. There is more to the usual wash and tone routine. That means taking more steps in caring for the skin by introducing rejuvenating masks and scrubs for a healthier toned skin. But, how best do you know great products in the market? If you are looking to get a mask for your loved ones, then this Kaolin clay hydrating face mask can be a good choice. It promises the fantastic benefits of masking but with additional merits.

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Detailed information about Holy Grail Kaolin Best Clay Mask for Face

The clay mask is fortified with glycolic and lactic acid which are essential components of acne treatments and blackhead elimination. The results of this are tighter pores and light acne scars for a fair skin tone. It is excellent for oily skin which is prone to frequent breakouts resulting in acne. The mask also acts as a scrub with the pink clay and jojoba seeds included in it.

These components gently scrub away the dirt, dead skin which results in a brighter skin tone with fewer scars and dark spots. It works as a detox agent in removing impurities lodged in the skin for a healthier natural glow. More to this, the mask repairs damaged skin, eliminate fine lines under the eyes and plump the skin for an even complexion and tighter skin. The cream base of this mask does not dry out the skin and is perfect for all skin types.