#1 Pro Makeup Brush Set

What’s a makeup artist without his/her brushes? Nothing. To perfectly apply makeup one needs, not only good products but good tools. And Andre Lorent’s brushes are the way to go. They’re the top choice of pro makeup artists and now they’re available for you as well!

Treat yourself or someone you love with flawless makeup with this professional 5-piece brush set. What makes them so fabulous? They’re handmade with a filament called LuxeFiber. It’s a high-quality synthetic fiber that is ultra-soft and gives a luxurious feeling. They apply makeup smoothly on your face giving you a nice smooth look and feel.

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Detailed information about #1 Pro Makeup Brush Set

The brushes are very durable and can be used every day in any situation. They’ll never lose their softness and the fibers won’t break or fall out. The best part is, they’re vegan! No animal was harmed in the making of the fibers or the brushes. You’ll never have to buy another brush again!

Andre Lorent’s brush set comes with a foundation brush which features a contoured tip and plush fibers so the brush doesn’t soak up too much foundation, a powder and blush brush with a dome-shaped head for cheekbone contouring, and angled liner brush to apply eyeliner with precision (for that perfect winged liner), an eyeshadow brush with densely packed fibers for a smooth application over the eyes and a lip brush for more control over bold lipsticks. And all of these brushes can be stored in the beautiful white designer case that is included.