Grave Before Shave Beard Oil – 4 Pack

Many men who grow beards completely forget that a beard, or indeed any facial hair, needs to be conditioned and looked after; that goes for both long and short beards and even designer stubble. This Beard Oil Pack from Grave Before Shave is a very good four pack of differently perfumed beard oils. Grave Before Shave products are very well known and are considered to be some of the best available on the retail market.

The idea behind using beard oils is to condition the facial hair and soften the longer beard hair as well as the shorter stubble. Beard Oil will also help to condition the skin beneath the beard, this often gets neglected resulting in a stubble itch, boils, and spots on the skin. If the Beard Oil has a perfume then the oil has the added advantage of making the hair smell lovely for a few hours (similar to the effect of aftershave lotion).

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Detailed information about Grave Before Shave Beard Oil – 4 Pack

This four-pack consists of four bottles, each containing 1 fl oz. of different perfumed oils suitable for short and long beards. The perfumes included within this gift pack are named as “Original”, “Pine Scent”, “Viking Blend”, and “Bay Rum Scent”.

The ingredients consist of Jojoba oil; Tea Tree oil; Apricot Kernel oil; Sweet Almond oil; Vitamin E supplement and Aloe Vera.


The different perfumed beard oils will condition the facial hair as well as the skin and make the beard feel softer

Four different perfumes are included within this gift pack

The perfumes are as masculine as is a beard