60th Bday 20-Ounce Mug

When people get older there is always the problem of knowing what to get for their birthday. By the time they reach their 60th, most people already have everything they need but family and friends always want to give something special for this momentous birthday.

They want to give something special to show the love and respect they have for the birthday girl or boy. It is a fact that as one becomes older there is less and less that they want as a birthday gift as if material things lose their hold and all they want is a symbol of the love of their friends and family.

This special mug from Mark My Words is probably just what the 60th birthday gift recipient actually needs.

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Detailed information about 60th Bday 20-Ounce Mug

Cups and mugs are always welcome as everyone has a favorite cup from which they can drink their favorite beverage. This mug has a floral design and the sentimental message “Happy 60th Birthday… Warmest wishes go your way for all that makes you happy on this special day”.

It is dishwasher proof so you don’t have to clean it by hand and it is also microwave safe so you can warm up the mug of cocoa or soup that has grown cold while the owner took a nap.


Wonderfully sophisticated floral design

A full 10 fl oz capacity

Beautiful sentimental message

Made from good quality ceramic