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Senz Umbrellas Original

It is always such a hassle when you are wearing a nice outfit on a sunny day and it suddenly rains like crazy. It is a good thing you actually brought an umbrella with you to shield you and your nice clothes from the rain.

But suddenly, a gush of wind starts to blow and turns your umbrella upside down, effectively soaking you and ruining your favorite clothing and shoes before you even got to your destination.

If this sounds like an all familiar scene for you or someone you know, then this will be the end of your troubles. If you have never heard of the Senz Umbrella, then you are in for a real surprise.

Shaped more like a paper plane than an umbrella, the Senz umbrella is a revolutionary parasol that has a unique aerodynamic design that helps it keep from turning inside out when strong winds are at bay and finds the best position to counter said winds up to 100 kilometers per hour.

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Detailed information about Senz Umbrellas Original

This cool umbrella is the perfect companion for those days that you have to go out in the rain or even stormy weather as it will protect you from the elements, arguably better than the normal umbrella.

Made of high-quality materials, the Senz umbrella is light enough to lug around and hold with one hand. It also looks incredibly elegant and sophisticated, and that to us is a big plus.


Aerodynamic design makes the Senz umbrella immune to strong winds

Beautiful design


Will not fit in your bag