Freudian Slippers – Comfy Plush Slip-Ons

Do you know a weird person in your gift list who would be thrilled to receive a quirky gift? The one whose eyes will pop out in excitement the moment they unwrap the box to find this Freudian Slippers? We believe even the most uptight person in your life will find this pair of slippers super hilarious and they will be a huge hit to the recipient.

These are actually functional slippers and whoever receives them will find them useful. They might look silly, and the recipient will always get some good laughs when wearing them, but they are not just a useless gag or quirky gift. They are super comfy and plush. This is practicable footwear perfect for wearing around the house instead of walking barefoot on cold hardwood floors.

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Detailed information about Freudian Slippers – Comfy Plush Slip-Ons

These quirky slippers are the epitome of comfort. Know someone who understands comfort and takes it to a whole new level? The one who wouldn't hesitate to purchase something like a therapy couch like Sigmund Freud? Well, these slippers are the perfect cue to the most fitting gift item for such a person. They are fuzzy, and the inside is super soft to ensure maximum comfort.

Give these funny slippers to your roommate, or your daughter or son if you believe they need some therapy. After all, they say laughter is some sort of therapy and best medicine. They are perfect for spending time indoors, as they are very relaxing and therapeutic.


The slip-ons are comfortable, soft and cozy

They are super cute

Available in different sizes

Come well packaged


The size runs a tad smaller