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Compression Socks for Sports and Leisure

If you know a nurse, an athlete, a flight attendant, a runner, a pregnant woman, or anyone who has to spend a lot of time on their feet, you have just found the perfect gift for them!  Supporting the muscles of the leg, they help prevent muscle fatigue and blood clots and can provide relief for varicose veins and leg swelling. These socks help support the circulation of blood throughout the lower leg and, by extension, the entire body.

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Detailed information about Compression Socks for Sports and Leisure

They have high-quality stitching and are easy to get on and off, even with their compressive qualities.  Selective compression means that support is offered to all of the areas that need it and none of the areas that don’t—so the heel, foot, and calves are compressed, but the toe joints are free to flex. Easily washable, they are not hard to take care of or keep up with. The sweat wicking properties make sure that they keep the wearer cool and comfortable. These socks are designed for use in a wide variety of circumstances, including very hot weather, muddy and wet conditions, and endurance athletics.