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GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope STEM Toy

Isn’t it crazy how your little one just can’t keep their hands to themselves? They seem to be able to dive for couch lint and other items that have been lodged in the deep crevices of your couch for years then proceed to put it in their mouths.

Your house is now probably riddled with tons of twigs, leaves, bunched up hair, sand, and other random stuff your pint-sized human managed to smuggle in your home and play with.

Since they are in that age where everything just seems so interesting, you probably want to help them learn more about the things they have picked up.

And in keeping up with the spirit of exploration, we strongly suggest you get them this awesome First Microscope toy by Educational Insights.

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Detailed information about GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope STEM Toy

Magnify everything you like from seashells to a piece of a hotdog with a magnifying power of up to 8 times and focusing knob to help your kid see their object of choice a lot better.

This educational microscope also has an LED light for a better view, a decent sized sample tray to place the found objects on and most importantly, a non-skid function at the bottom of the microscope so it does not move around even with the clumsiest of hands.

With this chunky kid telescope, your kid will surely have hours of fun investigating different objects with different textures such as leaves, food, toys, coins and whatever it is they can get their hands on.


A fun and educational toy

Perfect for toddlers and kids starting school