Fred BONE CHILLERS Skull and Crossbones Ice Tray

Ahoy matey and be afraid, very afraid. The ice cubes that are produced by this skull and crossbones tray is enough to make anyone’s timbers shiver! Theme parties are always a good time, but they are even more exciting with fearfully festive shaped ice cubes in the partygoer’s drinks. This skull and crossbones ice cube tray would make the perfect hostess gift for a Halloween party or for a get together with a pirate or nautical theme.

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Detailed information about Fred BONE CHILLERS Skull and Crossbones Ice Tray

Pirates will feel right at home drinking from cups with these skeletal chillers on board, and of course, ghosts and goblins will be just as thrilled. A drink is always more enjoyable with something fun floating in it right? Like bones and grinning skulls of course. Well, you can have both with this fun and flexible tray. Imagine the guest's faces when they are served drinks with these horrific little bits of bone with their spirits. These cubes are sure to be (or cause) a riot.

  • Ideal as a hostess or housewarming gift for that special someone who loves parties with a theme
  • Made from an extremely flexible plastic SBS resin so cubes will come out easily
  • Sure to make any party more frighteningly fun