Engraved Stainless-Steel Wallet Card Insert

Just like a woman’s handbag, a man’s wallet is one the most important possessions while on the move. It carries cash, plastic cards such as credit cards business cards, photos, identification documents, and personal items. So, we can conclude that whatever goes in there is pretty important and essential.

How lovely would it be if this essential possession had something that reminded the man the most important person in his life every time he opens it? Pretty amazing, right? Here is a gift for him that will let him carry your love everywhere he goes and anytime he reaches for the wallet.

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Detailed information about Engraved Stainless-Steel Wallet Card Insert

This is a stainless-steel stainless wallet card insert, the size of a credit card (3.5" X0.02"). It fits perfectly in a wallet to display the sentimental words engraved in it. It's thin but strong. It's pretty durable, and it will not bend even with frequent use of the wallet. It's permanently etched on both sides so don't expect it to fade anytime soon or wear off. This will be a treasured gift that will sure last as your love for him.

A man's wallet carries some of his most personal stuff. This card insert is a perfect representation a precious gift in his life, which is your love. It will always remind him of your love for him and it will, without doubt, become of the most cherished card inserts in his wallet.


A metal wallet card insert engraved with words of love

Made of stainless steel; its durable and strong

Perfectly fits in a wallet