Long Distance Relationships – Engraved rock

Sometimes we are faced with situations where a good friend or a loved one has to go miles away. Saying goodbye feels horribly sad. But no matter how far they will be, you want that special person to know that they will always be in your thoughts. But its also harder for the person who is leaving to a new place. Giving them a going away gift will be a show appreciation and a symbol of love to tell them that they will always be close to you no matter the distance.

This long-distance relationship or friendship engraved stone is the perfect going away gift you can give to a special person who is about to leave for miles away. For someone who means so much to you, this little rock is a befitting send-off a gift. It’s meaningful and has great sentimental value.

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Detailed information about Long Distance Relationships – Engraved rock

Just like friendship or relationship, this beautiful little rock will last forever. Its engraved with a lovely message that reads as follows “No matter how far you are, Everyday around the clock, always remember, that you are my rock." This is the sweetest message you could ever pass to a loved one.  The inspirational message will always express your feelings to them no matter the distance between the two of you.

This beautiful rock is highly polished and a great gift that will make a lasting keepsake. The receiver can always carry this precious rock wherever they go. They can have it their pockets or beautifully display it on their dresser, desk, or on the nightstand or use it as lovely décor piece on the fireplace mantle. It's stunningly beautiful, and it will undoubtedly look good wherever it's displayed.


It’s a beautiful highly polished black rock

It's beautifully engraved with a heartfelt message