Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

Looking for a fitting gift for him? Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, dad, son, brother, grandpa, or a special friend we are confident this tactical defense pen will be the perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays or a thoughtful gift to celebrate his birthday, Father’s Day, graduation, anniversary and so on.

This is not your regular pen. This is a multi-purpose gadget designed as a simple pen that can actually write smoothly among many other uses. It features a ruggedly heavy duty design yet its practical enough to do something as simple as signing a cheque.

This pen is made from one of the highest grades of aluminum material- CNC machined aircraft grade to deliver superior strength. It can withstand rigors of daily use without breaking and running your clothes and nearby objects.

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Detailed information about Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

When we say it’s a multi-purpose gadget, this is exactly what we mean. This pen can get someone out of trouble. With it the owner will always have a self–defense gadget within their reach anytime needed. It has a sharp well-hidden point at the tip that will come in handy when one is under attack. It's small and pretty easy to hide in the pocket and carry around.

In addition, this tactical pen can be used to crack a window for escape and glass whenever needed. This makes it a great item to have in the car for it can help greatly when one is trapped inside in case of an accident. In fact, it's a great gadget for emergency responders to have including police officers and military. Its an every-day Carry for just about anyone.


A high-quality, multi-purpose pen

Writes smoothly and nicely

It's a tactical defense pen with LED flashlight and can crash a glass

It's durable and won't break

It's small enough to fit in a wallet, pocket, briefcase, purse, backpack or a pouch