Echo Show – Second Generation

The updated second generation Amazon Echo Show is the perfect addition to anyone’s smart home hub. This compact sturdy accessory will come in handy all over the house.

Having a smart home is almost a must these days, and the Amazon Alexa is the system that started it all. This newly updated Amazon Echo Show works seamlessly with any existing Alexa system.

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Detailed information about Echo Show – Second Generation

Of course, the Echo Show also responds to voice commands via the eight microphones that this new and improved unit comes equipped with.

Both the microphones and the camera function can be turned off if the need should arise. The camera and microphones also enable the Echo Show to make video calls either through the Alexa app, via Skype or using and Echo Spot.

In addition, with an Amazon Prime Video or Hula subscription, the Echo Show is the perfect small screen for streaming all of those fantastic shows out there that are offered only on streaming services.

It also works with a smart device connected to a doorbell with video as well as communication via 2-way audio.



Works with any home Alexa system to simplify household tasks and allow easy access to entertainment

Play music and stream live television, and also watch the most popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Hulu (subscription required)

The Echo Show also allows video calls utilizing Skype, the Echo Spot, or the Alexa application

A smart speaker that makes any music more enjoyable to listen to