DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set

Whether it is a gift for Father’s Day or another special occasion that calls for just the right present in someone’s life, this bristle dartboard from DMI Sports could be just what is needed to bring a smile to their face.

This beautiful dart set from DMI Sports has everything that is needed to play round after round of Cricket, Around the Clock, Chase the Dragon, or any of the hundreds of dart games we have all come to know and love.

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Detailed information about DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set

The cabinet itself is finished in a beautiful light oak that is both highly resilient and lovely to look at as well.

The overall dimensions of the closed set are 28 inches tall by 27 inches wide by 6 inches deep, and the bristle dartboard is 18 inches in diameter which is the standard official dimension for competition dartboards.

The darts store away inside the door in perfectly cut notches for safekeeping, while underneath the board itself on the inside of the cabinet there is ample room to store extra chalk and an eraser.

When not in use everything stows neatly away, no fuss and definitely no muss. But when the urge for a rousing game of Cricket hits, just open up the doors and let the game begin.


Closable cabinet discretely hides the game’s inner workings when the board is not being used

Finished in attractive and rugged light oak for beauty and durability

Self-healing bristle dartboard