DCI Pop Quiz Clock, Black and White

You might think that the age of the circular clock face was a thing of the past. These devices, known as analog clocks started to go out of fashion with the invention of digital clock displays and the microprocessor. Analog clocks and wrist watches are now tending to resurface in the home décor and fashion accessory market as a retro and classic look that is acceptable and ‘cool’ to have.

This analog clock from DCI goes one step further and incorporates the ‘nerdiness’ of mathematics and pop quizzes into the fashion statement of analog clocks.

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Detailed information about DCI Pop Quiz Clock, Black and White

The Pop Quiz Clock is something that the geek or nerd of any age will really appreciate. It consists of a battery powered circular clock face measuring approximately 11.5” diameter and made from powder coated metal colored matte black. The hands on the clock face are standard and fully recognizable as the regular hour, minute and second hands of a normal analog clock.

That is where the normality ends however. The classic clock face numbers that everyone was taught when learning to tell the time are different. Rather than having the usual numbers of 1 to 12, each hour position is taken up with a pop quiz question whose answer is the number of the hour. For example the number that should be at hour 3 is in fact 198÷66. Each of the hour positions are substituted with mathematical expressions, some simple and some not so simple whose answer is always the number that should be there.


This clever analog clock face brings back into fashion the retro clock types of yesteryear, but with a difference

This clock is a bit of fun for anyone who loves numbers and what they can do

The clock face is large enough to be seen from across the room yet not so big as to swamp everything else


Although this is a fun brain exercise to calculate each mathematical expression, once the owner has solved all twelve, there isn’t a lot more to do except look at it