3D Acrylic Bird Quartz Wall Clock

Home improvements do not only include wall refurbishing, floor replacements or roof repair. The little details in space make all the difference.

Think of a piece of art on the wall, a beautiful chandelier on the ceiling or a stylish rug for the floor. These, among others, can spice up the dull area and complement the style of one’s home.

Some of the décor items include wall clocks. The usual designs feature a wall hanging clock with minimal details for style.

This piece is creative and would make so much difference in any space. It can also be a lovely housewarming gift.

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Detailed information about 3D Acrylic Bird Quartz Wall Clock

The clock comes in a new style. The 100 % acrylic material used ensures the details of the clock last an extended period.

On this note, the watch also has some black details which improve the color combination.

There is no limit to where to use the clock, be it in the living room, kitchen, office, etc. Also, there is no assembly required to fit the clock into any space.

The design of the clock complements each space style and matches well with existing features.

It is designed to add that extra feel to a dull desk, shelve or counter. More to this, the clock is quiet hence can be used in nurseries and bedrooms.


Great addition to any decor

Contemporary design

Minimalist look