SONGMICS Bamboo Monitor Stand Riser

Having troubles with your monitor? Worry no more because this bamboo monitor stand has your back! It will ease you from any discomfort of using your laptop or personal computer. It brings your device to an eye level, ensuring that you are having a relaxed moment. It leads you out of tension, headaches, and other soreness you may experience. This is a device that may also help you correct your bad posture when using your desk computer.

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Detailed information about SONGMICS Bamboo Monitor Stand Riser

This bamboo monitor stand is also made for those who cannot stand being disorganized. It is built with holes that can perfectly fit your items such as your pens, stapler, post-it notes, scissors, and even your mug and your phone. It is the perfect accessory to have if you work from home and if you enjoy doing that from your bed. It is also useful for movie nights where all you want to do is just lay down and relax without having to go back and forth to the kitchen for snacks and drinks!